Emmanuelle Didou

Communication, Events,

Advertising and Marketing

communication experience



Events organization

Alta-Juris - www.altajuris.com and Accion Y Eventos - www.accionyeventos.com

Guests coordination and guidance of the congress "The new frontiers of the lawyer" ( Seville - Espagne, january 2011).

Council of a French department of Ille et Vilaine - www.ille-et-vilaine.fr

Public relations and communication officer (Rennes, 5 months, 2009).

  • Organization of receptions, inaugurations, exhibitions, public meetings, conventions...
  • Work in external public relations and with broadcast media; managed communication throughout the department.
  • Coordinate daily press monitoring at the regional level.

    Letter of recommendation

EHESP - www.ehesp.fr

Communication and Event officer (Rennes, 4 months, 2009).

Preparation of the Feast of the school with graduation.

City of Rennes - www.rennes.fr

Public relations and communication officer (Rennes, 9 months, 2008 - 2009).

  • Tasked with promoting the image of the City of Rennes, executing the organizational mission through public seminars, inaugurations, meetings
  • Coordination of the draft recommendation to completion, in compliance with procedures and in conjunction with various suppliers (press, partners, printers, supervision, equipment rental ...).



CRIJ Bretagne (Regional Center of Young Information)- www.crij-bretagne.com

Communication and public relations assistant (Rennes, 2 months, 2007).

  • Media promotion for the new building inauguration in 4 bis (agenda with multiple events, press monitoring, press releases, advertising strategy) and press relations.

Agenda realized for the inauguration.

Letter of recommendation

Hospital Morvan - www.chu-brest.fr

Communication assistant (Brest, 1 month, internship, 2005).

  • Website maintenance.
  • Press monitoring to evaluate hospital corporate image through local media.

CLCV (Consommation Accomodation and Living environment) - www.clcv.org

Communication assistant (Rennes, internship, 2005).

Newsletter updating for the consumers association.


Advertising / Marketing 

Publicis Activ agency (One-to-One communication)- www.publicisgroupe.com

Advertising assistant (Rennes, 6 months, internship, 2007).

  • Mailing and e-mailing B to B, B to C, conception of tie-in promotion.
  • Sales promotion, sales agencies animation, products and off/on-line game launching.
  • Loyalty programs and conceptualization of strategies to draw a wider advertiser database.
  • Benchmarking, method book and chronological account of brands realization.

Letter of recommendation

Adhoc Communication agency- www.agence-adhoc.com

Advertising manager (Rennes, 4 months, internship, 2006).

  • Production and technical communication coordination.
  • Implementation of graphics production lines.
  • Negotiations and relations with suppliers (printers, screen printers, organization of sales vendors).
  • Customer relations.
  • Conceptualized and implemented a survey about advertising agencies and advertisers relations for CBC 35.


On et offline media

Podsystem, SIM cards provider - www.podsystem.com

New website creation (Seville, 4 months, 2011).

Gamonoso SL

Léonardo Da Vinci realization (Seville, 4 months, 2010 - 2011).

Website creation.

AP-HM Television - www.ap-hm.fr

Audiovisual and communication department (Marseille, 4 months, internship, 2006).

Executed a television consumer opinion poll of 300 people (patients and hospital staff) . Measured television channel popularity, impact, and the success of the company’s communication plan.

Letter of recommendation

Ouest-France (regional newspaper) - www.ouest-france.fr

Journalist (Brest, 3 months, 2004).

  • Articles writing and pictures taking.
  • Cultural agenda updating.