Emmanuelle Didou

Communication, Events,

Advertising and Marketing

other profesional experience


  • Tourism/ Events
  • Accompanying of the guests during the Congress Novartis (en 2012, en Seville/Spain).

    Accompanying of the guests during the Congress Alta-Juris (en 2011, Seville/Spain).

  • Judiciary

Sworn to the Court of Assizes of the Department of Ille et Vilaine (2009 en Rennes/France).

  • Retail

Springfield (sale of clothing, en 2012 en Seville/Spain and en 2008 en Rennes/France).

Scott Premium (sale of shoes, en 2007/2008 en Rennes/France).

Galeries Lafayette (sales of household electrical appliances and of garnishment, en 2006 en Marseille/France).

Arcus (sale of shoes, en 2006 en Marseille/France)

The Shoe Collection/ Galerie Debenhams (sale of shoes, , en 2005, en Exeter/UK)

Devianne (sale of clothing, en 2002/2003 en Brest/France).

  • Health

Hôpital Cavale Blanche, assistant nurse in the traumatology service (2003/2005- Brest/France, 7 months).

  • Film industry

Gaumont EuroPalaces, cinema agent (2007- Rennes/France, 3 months).

  • Teaching

Assistant in Pendeen School (2000- Penzance/UK, 1 month).

  • Horticulture

Roses and strawberries in greenhouses (2001- Guissény/France, 3 months).