Emmanuelle Didou

Communication, Events,

Advertising and Marketing

universitary Education


2007. Master 2 of communication of Organizations, in Rennes II (with honours). Université de Rennes 2

  • Researched and presented two theses

The strategic introduction of audiovisual media in hospitals.

The use of information and communication new technologies in territorial organizations.

  • Basics

Communication and Information epistemology.

Information Society and post-modern debates.

  • Specialization

Research Group/Project Management/Training report/Theses.

  • Language Courses : english.


2005. Master 1 of communication of Organizations, in Rennes II. Université de Rennes 2


  • Researched and presented two theses

    Crisis and communication in the field of cultural industry.

    Inventory and typology of communication agencies advertising Brittany.

  • Methodology

    Survey Methodology and Audit

    Presentation of communications environments and Knowledge of research tools Information

    Survey of Corporate Communications.

  • Basics

    Information and Communication epistemology, Culture and Organization/History and theories of media systems/Anthropology and Communication.

  • Specialization

    Research Group/Project Management/Theses.

  • Language Courses : english


2004. Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information’s Sciences, with minor in languages (English and German), in Rennes II (with honours). Université de Rennes 2


  • Approaching the field of Information and Communication

Introduction to Information and Communication study / communication epistemology / analysis of communication key texts.

  • Knowledge and practices in communication

Written and audiovisual report/Socio-economical and informational Society.

  • Language Courses : english.
  • Sociology, History and Media Law

Media throughout History of France/History of Audiovisual Communication/Mass Media Sociology /Media Law.

  • Communication, Networks, Institutions and Territories

    Information and Communication theories in local authorities and institutions.

    Strategic Communication of different organizations.

    Communication and Human Resource Management.


2003. DEUG (Foreign Applicated Languages : English and German), option of expression technical.

Université Ségalen Brest


2002. Literary preparatory school in Brest : English, German, Philosophy, History, Geography, Literature and Latin. Lycée de Kérichen Brest


2001. Baccalauréat Littéraire (High school certificate, with major in Literature). Lycée du Léon Landivisiau